Our Director

Mustafa Parpia

Audiovisual technology has the power to unite and inspire like no other tech does. The world thrives on it, and at EZ Touch, we believe that won’t be changing any time soon. In recent years, we’ve seen game-changing innovation and breathtaking design change the face of communication and collaboration in various industries across the globe. This trend has inspired a collective aspiration for smarter working and living environments. Together, as we lead the industry into the next generation of AV technology, EZ Touch will continue to use our imagination to innovate and integrate the world’s most remarkable AV solutions.


What We Do?

EZ Touch Solutions is able to reach a wide audience, which has helped us foster strong strategic relationships with industry experts. We are able to support every customer project quickly, easily, and economically, making EZ Touch Solutions an indispensable business partner.

EZ Touch Solutions has set the standard in all areas of operation, and we continue to strive for excellence. We have formulated our approach to effectively respond to the groundbreaking innovation and breathtaking design that are changing the face of communication and collaboration.

EZ Touch Solutions promises to lead the charge in creating smarter working and living environments with the services we provide. Together, we can look toward the new generation of audiovisual advancements and use our imagination to innovate the world’s most remarkable AV solutions.

Our Team

Every area of our operations is structured with the talented and highly trained individuals who work together to deliver solutions and services that give our clients a competitive edge. At EZTOUCH, we believe in the process of continuous training of our sales and technical support team to maintain the industry standards in terms of quality and to ensure client satisfaction. Our employees are essential for EZTOUCH Solutions and the winning reputation for which we are proud of.

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