LG-50U USB EXTENDER comprises a sender unit and a receiver unit which are connected by CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6 STP cable. It extends the USB up to 50m.

Extends signal transmission distance of a USB device up to 50m via a Cat 5/5e/6 cable
The most cost-effective USB extender solution
No additional software driver is required
Disclaimer: This product is limited in supply and deemed to be marked as End-of-Production status, and it will be discontinued soon. Kindly give our sales team a call to check the availability of the product. CLICK HERE FOR ALTERNATE PRODUCT.


Additional information


Extender Distance, 50m
Connect Cable, CAT5, CAT5E , CAT6 STP cables with STP connectors
USB Standard, USB1.1
Transmitter, USB Male
Receiver, USB Female
Interface Type, USB A, Rj45
Support System, Windows 98Se/Me/2000/Xp, Linux
Power, No External Power Required
Product Weight, 0.150kg
Shipping Weight, 0.4kg
Product Dimension (WxHxD), 48.7x24x26.5mm
Shipping Dimension (WxHxD), 150x50x90mm


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